COVID 19 Updates

WE ARE NOW OPEN FOR REGULAR DENTAL CARE! The Department of Health has removed the prohibition of non- emergency dental procedures and we are now able to give you the comprehensive dental care that you have been waiting for.

The health and welfare of our patients and staff are our top priority. We exercise a level of infection control that is on par with CDC guidelines and continue to train our staff and improve our protocols. The air ducts in our office is equipped with UV light and iWave needle point bipolar ionization technology. These measures aid in air filtration and minimizes germicidal bacterial and viral pathogens in the air. All surfaces are wiped with a EPA compliant antiviral and antibacterial wipe and all intraoral instruments are autoclaved with heat sterilization to 275 degree Fahrenheit.

In addition to our normal universal precautions, we are taking extra steps to ensure your safety and safety of our team. During your emergency visit and for the first few months of post Covid-19 reopening , we anticipate that extra sanitation protocols will be vital. We will be spacing out appointment times so that patients will not be crowded into the waiting room. We will ask that patients not be accompanied by family members into the dental office unless necessary. We will also request patients wear face masks into the dental office. Hand sanitizers will be available throughout the office. Screening forms and questionnaires will be mandatory before patients are seen. Temperatures will be taken as a precautionary measure before being seen as well. All patients will be asked to rinse with hydrogen peroxide as a antiseptic rinse before dental procedures. And don’t be alarmed if Dr Hong and her clinical staff are in ‘duct-billed’ looking masks and face shields as extra precautions as recommended by the Center of Disease and Control.

Rest assured we are taking this unprecedented step out of an abundance of caution. We want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

We miss seeing you and being part of your dental health. If you have not received a call from us to schedule your postponed treatment, please give us a call at 610-965-1000.


When will you be open?
We are currently open for regular dental procedures including regular dental cleanings.

Will I be safe going to your dental office?
Yes. We will be going over and above our normal universal precautions to protect patients and
staff. Appointments will be spaced further apart and patients will have the option to wait in their
cars until the hygienist or dentist is ready for them. Universal sterilization and disinfection
protocols are still to be used and additional measures will be in place. These include hand
sanitizers use, frequent disinfection of door handles, bathrooms, chairs, countertops surfaces.
EPA approved disinfectant wipes are used to wipe down the operatory surfaces in between
patients and all instrument and dental equipment are heat sterilized according to CDC and
OSHA regulations. Clinical staff members will be wearing increased personal protective
equipment. In addition, we will be using new technology to decrease aerosols in the
operatories by 90% . Our air filtration ducts are already fitted with UV light to help with
decreasing pathogens in the air.

I tested positive for the COVID-19 virus, can I come into the dental office?
Yes. If 3 days have passed since your symptoms have resolved and at least 7 days since
symptoms first experienced, we will be able to see you. (As defined as resolution of fever
without fever reducing medication and absence of symptoms of cough and shortness of breath
and sore throat)

I have COVID-19 infection but have dental pain, can I be seen?
No. If you are currently experiencing an active COVID-19 infection, then we cannot see you in
our dental office according to CDC guidelines. If you have a dental emergency, you should
seek dental care at the local hospital.

I have a fever but also have dental pain and have not been tested for COVID-19 virus, can you
see me for a dental emergency?
Yes. If you have a fever but no other respiratory symptoms and have not recently being
exposed to a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 positive individual.
No. If you have fever with respiratory symptoms like a dry cough, shortness of breath or sore
throat, then you should go to the local hospital to seek testing and dental emergency care.

I am having dental pain and swelling. Can I be seen?
Yes. We are available to help you with your dental pain. Please call our dental office at
610-965-1000 and if someone is not available to speak to you, please leave a message on the
emergency line and the Doctor will call you back.

What does a dental emergency mean?
If you have experienced dental trauma or fracture with pain or avulsion of tooth/teeth = YES
If you have severe dental pain or swelling = YES
If you have a filling or crown that is out and causing dental pain or soft tissue swelling = YES
If you require dental clearance/treatment prior to medically necessary surgery = YES

What should I do if my crown came out but I am not in pain?
You can replacement the crown back in with a temporary dental cement or denture adhesive
(which you can get from the pharmacy or dental section of grocery store)

Shall I wear my mask coming into the dental office?
Yes. For the safety of everyone, all patients are required to wear masks coming into the office
and can remove their masks in the dental operatory. On leaving the dental operatory, we ask
that patients rewear their masks until they are in their cars.

Can my husband or wife come into the office with me?
No. At this time, we ask that any companions remain in your cars and not come into the
waiting room to wait for you. Companions are allowed if physical assistance is required or if the
patient is a minor or disabled and requires your assistance. (But please inform us ahead of time
so that we can plan the social distancing of patients)